is the main resort city of Russia located on the Black Sea coast. One of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Russia, which is visited annually by millions of tourists a year.
The city has an ancient and interesting history, from pre-Antiquarian times to the post-Soviet period. This is evidenced by archaeological excavations in the region.
Entertainment in Sochi is not only the sea and mountains, but also a huge Olympic park. Therefore in the summer we would recommend stopping closer to the center to visit this wonderful place!
The city is surrounded on three sides by mountain ridges, which protect it from cold winds and at the same time preserve the accumulated heat, and on the fourth side there is a warm Black Sea, which warms up in the summer, gives its heat all winter. Trees, flowers, bushes grow everywhere in Sochi, not uncommon here and the rainforests or thickets. What can we say about the palm trees that fill the whole coast.